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These Countries Will Give You A Job Seeker Visa Even If You Don’t Have An Offer Letter

The desire to work abroad has become a shared aspiration among many students and professionals. Recognising this, select nations across the globe have started allowing individuals from third countries to enter and explore job opportunities even without an offer letter. Thanks to these schemes, people have the scope to work in places like the UK, Germany and UAE. So, let’s take a closer look at these countries and their specific requirements. 

Often known as a job seeker visa, non-residents can stay in these countries for a limited period while looking for opportunities through this special permit. Once they have employment, they can apply for a work permit or even permanent residency in the country.


Countries that offer visas to Indians without an offer letter


The job seeker visa in Germany allows individuals to stay in the country for six months while actively searching for employment. Once a job is secured, the individual must apply for a residence permit. It’s important to note that one cannot work under a job seeker visa but can only do so with a valid residence permit.


  • Should be above 18 years of age
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university along with five years of relevant work experience
  • Should be able to financially support themselves in Germany with a blocked account of EUR 5,604 (SGD 8320) or have a sponsor living in Germany

Documents for visa application:

  • Passport with at least 12 months validity at the time of submission + a copy of the data page
  • 3 passport photos
  • Cover letter explaining the applicant’s career plans
  • Proof of academic and work qualification
  • Updated CV
  • Accommodation for initial 30 days
  • Financial proof of EUR 5,604 (SGD 8320) or a letter from a sponsor living in Germany
  • Birth certificate/Aadhar card
  • Health insurance

The job seeker visa fee costs EUR 75 (SGD 111). The applicants will also have to bear the cost of the document (mentioned above) verification process, which may cost between INR 2,000 and INR 40,000 (SGD 32-64), according to the embassy.

United Kingdom


Started in 2023, India Young Professionals Scheme gives Indians the opportunity to work in the United Kingdom without an offer letter. However, they must be eligible for the ballot system of this visa programme. This ballot is closed at the moment, and the information on the next ballot is yet to be announced by the UK government.

Ballot eligibility:

  • Applicant should be an Indian citizen
  • Aged 18-30 years
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree qualification or higher (Regulated Qualifications Framework level 6, 7 or 8 )*
  • Provide proof of fund with at least GBP 2,530 in the bank (SGD 4323)
  • No financially-dependent children

The successful candidates are sent an invitation to apply for the visa by the deadline given. After the candidate has the visa ready, they must travel to the UK within six months of receiving it. This multiple-entry visa will permit them to stay in the UK for up to two years. The individuals can work in most jobs, study or be self-employed.

*Regulated Qualifications Framework level 6: degree apprenticeship, degree with honours, graduate certificate, level 6 award, level 6 certificate, level 6 diploma, level 6 NVQ and ordinary degree without honours.

*Regulated Qualifications Framework level 7: integrated master’s degree, level 7 award, level 7 certificate, level 7 diploma, level 7 NVQ, master’s degree, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate certificate in education and postgraduate diploma.

*Regulated Qualifications Framework level 8: doctorate, level 8 award, level 8 certificate and level 8 diploma.

Documents for the visa application:

  • A valid passport
  • Bank statement showing GBP 2,530 in the bank (SGD 4330)
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • Police report/clearance certificate
  • A blank page on the passport

The application fee for the process is GBP 259 (SGD 443), and you will need to pay a healthcare charge of GBP 940 (SGD 1609).


sweden 2

This visa programme was introduced in 2022 for job seekers. It is granted for a minimum of three months and a maximum of nine months. However, this visa is only for people with advanced degrees, and it doesn’t permit individuals to work in Sweden, only look for jobs. But they can start working after submitting the work permit application without waiting for approval.


  • Have advanced degrees like master’s degree, PhD, advanced vocational degree/professional degree
  • Funds to support themselves while looking for employment
  • Passport valid during the time of stay

Documents for visa application:

  • Passport
  • Proof of funds with bank assets equivalent to at least SEK 13,000 for each month (SGD 1673)
  • Advanced degree
  • Plan for seeking employment or starting a business in Sweden
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Letter of consent to give the Swedish Council for Higher Education the right to contact your educational institution

The cost of applying is SEK 2,200 (SGD 283).



Austria’s job seeker visa is only for highly qualified workers. A point system has been put in place by the Immigration Office of Austria to identify highly qualified workers. Points are allocated on several factors such as PhD, foreign language proficiency, age, work experience and salary. This visa is valid for six months. After finding a job, people need to apply for Austria’s Red-White-Red card (residence permit) to work there.


  • At least 70 points on Austria’s 100-point scale are needed to be qualified as a highly qualified worker.

Documents for visa application:

  • Passport
  • A photo that was taken in the last six months
  • Proof of locally customary accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of adequate means of subsistence
  • Relevant documents to justify the minimum 70 points

The fee for a job seeker visa for applying as a highly qualified worker is EUR 150 (SGD 222).


lisbon portugal
Image credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians/Pixabay

There are no professional qualifications required for Portugal’s job seeker visa. It is a single entry visa granted for four months, with a possible extension of two months. After the candidate gets a job, they need to apply for a residence permit so that they can work in Portugal. If the candidate can’t find a job during the validity, they must return to their country of residence. They can re-apply for the job seeker visa after one year of its expiration.


  • Funds equivalent to at least the sum of three guaranteed monthly minimum salaries or a legal resident of Portugal willing to take responsibility for the candidate.

Documents for visa application:

  • Valid passport
  • Two copies of the latest passport photos
  • Proof of regular status, in case of residence in a country other than the country of current nationality
  • Request for criminal record enquiry by the Immigration and Border Services
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of funds

The exact cost of the Portugal job seeker visa is not disclosed on the official website.

United Arab Emirates

zq lee unsplash dubai 2

Individuals can come to the UAE on a job seeker visit visa without requiring a host or sponsor. You can apply for a visa with three validities–two, three and four months; however, you are permitted only one entry.

There are specific professional qualifications that can make an individual eligible for the visa. If they graduate from the best 500 universities in the world as listed by UAE’s Ministery of Education or hold a first/second/third skill professional job as per the Ministery of Human Resources and Emiratisation, they can apply for the job seeker visit visa.


  • Candidate should be a graduate of the best 500 universities or hold a professional job according to UAE’s government
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Provide the financial guarantee

Documents for visa application:

  • A coloured photo
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Qualification certificate (attested)

The two months visa costs AED 1,495 (SGD 538), three months AED 1,655 (SGD 596) and four months AED 1,815 (SGD 654).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which country gives job-seeker visas to Indians?

Answer: The UK, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Sweden and UAE give Indians a job seeker visa.

Question: Can I apply for a work visa without a job offer?

Answer: Individuals can’t apply for a work visa without a job offer. However, you can enter a country on a job seeker visa and look for a job without any offers. Once you have found a job, you can apply for a work permit.

Question: Which countries offer work visas without a job offer?

Answer: Countries don’t issue a work visa; rather, they issue a job seeker visa without an offer letter. This allows them to be in the country and actively look for jobs.


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